Venture Capital Assistance

MergersIndia aim is to build win-win partnerships between technology and capital . We assist start-ups and existing information technology companies to get Venture Capital assistance.

Venture Capital assistance is currently available from a number of foreign and domestic funds. Such funds provide financial assistance in the form of equity and quasi-equity securities to growth oriented companies.

Assisting entreprenuers in accessing venture capital funds in India and abroad is key service offering of MergersIndia Group. We offer assistance throughout the process of seeking venture capital and would be willing to continue our association even after the funding has taken place. The assistance covers a range of services including:

Business Plan Formulation: We assists companies, entreprenuers and professionals who have sound business ideas to formulate business plans in accordance with the information requirements of venture capital funds. Apart from its own expertise, we draws on the expertise of technical experts as well as industry focussed research agencies to achieve quality service and acceptability with the funds.

Presentations : We work closely with a number of funds and understands their requirements and their approach to proposed investments. We assist our clients to make a positive impact on the funds through presentations, discussions and other interactions.

Financial & Legal Structuring : We have the requisite expertise in structuring the proposed investment from funds and individuals taking into account the business plan as well as legal and financial requirements.

This has been prepared solely for information purposes and doesn't constitute a solicitation to any person to buy or sell listed or unlisted securities.

Services Offered

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