Target Identification

We in MergersIndia helps things to happen.
The MergersIndia Group plays the role of helping mid-sized businesses grow and succeed, with the ability to take advantage of opportunities on a local, national or global scale.

What do you want to accomplish through acquisitions?
Once you define Your Acquisition Goals and we assist you identify candidates which will meet your acquisition goals and quickly screen the winners from the losers and perform quick, thumbnail evaluations of acquisition candidates based on those objectives.

Before wasting time and resources on expensive formal evaluations, let our Deal Reviewer team tell you whether potential acquisitions justify more formal analysis. With only cursory financial information on the target, you can make a quick, 'first pass' analysis allowing you to react quickly and focus your efforts on candidates with the best value.

Our Deal Review team enables you to develop multiple sets of acquisition criteria that include such critical factors as:

  • Investment hurdle rate based on cost of capital and required return.
  • Minimum requirements for deal size, revenues and EBITDA.
  • Cash required for acquisitions in general and for any one acquisition.
  • Identification operational, product and marketing strategic valuedrivers.
  • Desired acquisition characteristics such as type of company, product/service differentiation, geographic market presence, stage of development and management status.

We quickly identify companies with the best potential to meet your criteria:

  • Enables you to base your decision to proceed on a quantitative and qualitative review of the company.
  • Thumbnail analysis of financial ratios of past performance
  • Project earnings based on optimistic, most likely and pessimistic scenarios.
  • Estimate the target's value for each of the 3 projection scenarios.
  • Compare seller's asking price to estimate of value based on the hurdle rate
  • Structure deal scenarios based upon cash, equity , assumed liabilities and new debt.
  • Calculate the Internal Rate of Return, Return on Investment and Payback Period based on the 'whatif' deal structure and using each of the 3 projection scenarios.
  • Compare your strategic individual value-drivers to your perception of the target.

Generating Presentation-Quality Reports.

  • Executive Summary. Summary historic income statements and balance sheets.
  • Historic financial ratio analysis.
  • Optimistic, most likely and pessimistic projections of earnings.
  • Target company investment value.
  • IRR, ROI and Payback Period for each projection scenario.
  • Debt service/amortization

Services Offered

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